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Me, Designing in Flash and (its death?)

Starting work in the Finance Department as a Finance Assistance at one of the leading advertising agencies, led to the second defining moment in my career… Graphic Designing!
Within the first few weeks I was able to learn something about designing softwares and the beauty of advertising with the help of some of the industry’s elite. I was dying to learn more and more, new things. In no time, I came across the software Flash, and a thought struck me of bringing still graphics to life.

No one around me knew much about Flash. I never looked back, I learnt it by myself. Over the first few attempts my love for Graphic Design was overtaken by Flash Animation. Even some of my animations won awards. But I still loved Graphic Designing. Whilst learning Flash I was still interested not only in Graphic Designing but also Web Designing and Video Animations.

Wait a sec…did I mention Flash is dead or dying? Will Flash be around next year? Does it really matter? Is it a war between Flash and HTML5?

Mmm, looks to me Flash will be a speciality tool for games and quality videos, and HTML5 for mobile and web apps.

I was not always destined to work in the Graphic/Advertising Industry

I always used to draw when I was a kid – Buddha Stories. Mostly! Everyone from my family and friends of family (specially my father’s friends) knew me as ‘that boy who can draw, and they even brought crayons, color pencils, etc… for me. I took Art as a subject for O/L (and snagged a C somehow) but I certainly was not very good at it and could never produced the pieces of work others used to produce. Honestly I hated it. The constant questions of ‘what is art’ and ‘what is good art’ made the whole qualification feel so pointless, it was so subjective. Advanced Levels at College…I decided upon Commerce.

In 1997 I started my first paying job as Finance Assistance at one of the topmost ad agencies in the country. I didn’t even know much about design. Design and art were different concepts when I was that young but that wonderful opportunity in the digital studio in the same agency in 2000 showed me the way.

I became a designer not only because I loved pretty things and loved making things look nice, but also because design has an an actual purpose. Design is deliberate, thoughtful and functional- I love art, but designing feels so much more worthwhile than making a spud print for a screaming art teacher!

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